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Advisory Information

Massachusetts 4-H has a unique system of both local and statewide Advisory and Program Councils comprised of 4-H volunteers from across the state. Each advisory is authorized by and serves as an organizational unit of the Massachusetts 4-H Program. Massachusetts 4-H volunteers also serve on collaborative boards of separate 501c3 organizations such as 4-H camps, who are granted the use of the 4-H name and emblem by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the University of Massachusetts Extension Director.

Local Advisory Councils assist the 4-H Extension Educator, in part, by:

  • Serving as a communication channel and link between local volunteers, the 4-H Educator, and the Massachusetts 4-H program.
  • Promoting the 4-H program and recruiting volunteers.
  • Establishing committees to carry out program activities.
  • Raising and managing funds to support local 4-H programs or events.
  • Assisting in local and statewide volunteer recognition programs.
  • Building support and recognition for the Massachusetts 4-H program with local and state business and community governance representatives.

Local Program Councils, such as Horse Councils, assist the 4-H Educator by planning and conducting educational events and activities for the members.  They also raise funds to support the program.

Many dedicated 4-H volunteers who have experience with the range of 4-H programs and activities currently serve on 4-H boards or advisories. All 4-H Board members must successfully complete the Massachusetts 4-H screening procedure prior to serving as board members.  New volunteers are always welcome!

Please consider joining an Advisory or Program Council if you have:

  • Public relations skills.
  • Multi-cultural background.
  • Fundraising or financial management experience.
  • Non-profit business skills.
  • Local, regional, national network of contacts.
  • Experience with or interest in youth development organizations.

Consider becoming a Massachusetts 4-H board volunteer today!

Contact your 4-H Educator for further information.