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4-H Awards Farley Scholarships

George L. Farley was the State 4-H Leader in Massachusetts from 1916 to 1941 and is considered by many to have contributed more to the 4-H program in Massachusetts than any other person.  Each year the Farley Scholarship is awarded to one or two 4-H members or former members that are accepted or enrolled students at UMass Amherst.    The 2017 awards go to Kaylee Urquiza-Anagnos and Samantha Barrett.

Kaylee is from Plymouth County and is attending UMass Amherst as an Animal Science major.  Her future plans include being a veterinarian or starting her own animal care business.  She was active in the dog project and showed at various local fairs and dog shows as well as the Big E 4-H dog show.  In addition, Kaylee participated in the 4-H Visual Presentation program, submitted 4-H records and served as a 4-H Ambassador.  Kaylee states, "My passion for my major is a quality that will help me to stay motivated and to achieve my goals.  My experiences in 4-H have given me a direction towards a field with careers that I want to pursue".

Samantha Barrett is a Linguistics major at UMass Amherst.  Her projects in Worcester County 4-H included beef, poultry, dairy, goat and horse.  In addition, she was an active participant in community service including working in town gardens, visiting residents in nursing homes, contributing to the annual food drive, helping with Special Olympics and working at community events to educate the public about local agriculture.  Samantha was active in the 4-H Visual Presentation program and a 4-H Ambassador.  Samantha says, "I am very determined in everything I do and, like Mr. Farley, I want to become an educator and share what I know with children because they are the future of the world".

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