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Meet Charlee Clover

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Charlee Clover
January 4, 2021

To promote 4-H and have a little fun, cut out Charlee Clover (find his full size in the PDF) and take photos of him interacting in your 4-H activities and celebrating the holidays.  Here is what to do:

1. Print and cut out Charlee the Clover (Download Charlee on the Massachusetts 4-H Website!)

2. Show Charlee around! Take pictures/videos of our friendly clover learning about your 4-H project.  

3. Post photos of Charlee and your projects to social media and tag your county. Facebook and Instagram pages!. Share how you have been keeping busy with your 4-H project during these times.

You can also send your creations to  Call 774-404-7020 with any questions.

Have Fun!! 

Print Charlee

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