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Contests Rules & Resources

The Horse Bowl, Hippology and Horse Judging contests are held each year at both the local and state levels.  Each county or region holds these competitions in the fall or winter to select  both a junior and senior team to compete at State 4-H Horse Round Up, usually held in April.  Once selected the county teams study and practice to prepare for state competition.  Senior age 4-H members, ages 14-18, compete for one of the four slots on the State Horse Bowl, Hippology or Horse Judging team.  These state teams will represent the Massachusetts 4-H Horse Program at the Eastern National 4-H Horse Round Up in Louisville, Kentucky in November.  In addition to Horse Bowl, Hippology and Horse Judging, a Communications team is also selected at the State Visual Presentation Day.  The cost of the trip to Kentucky is funded in large part by the Massachusetts 4-H Foundation.



Hippology Contest rules

Practice Hippology Exam #1

Practice Hippology Exam #1 Answers

Practice Hippology Exam #2

Practice Hippology Exam #2 Answers

Horse Bowl

Horse Bowl Contest Rules

Junior Horsebowl Practice Questions

Senior Horsebowl Practice Questions

List of Contest Source books *updated through 2020

Horse Judging

Horse Judging Contest Rules

2010 Horse Judging Manual with MA 4-H Addendum

******Please Note; there are changes in source material through 2019, Evans will be discontinued as of 2019. The AYHC manual is being replaced by HorseSmarts starting in 2018. MA will begin using it as a contest source in 2019******


MA 4-H Horse Roundup

 Roundup will take place April 27, 2019 at  Wheaton College in Norton, MA and April 28, 2019 at Hillside Meadows in Grafton,MA.  

Roundup Packet