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Cloverbud FAQ

Why keep records?

To help a cloverbud (youth age 5-7) creatively express and preserve his or her 4-H experiences.

How can a cloverbud keep track of his/her experiences?

  • 4-H members may want to keep a scrapbook of 4-H mementos.
  • Throughout the year, the leader may schedule a part of each meeting to work on records. Suggest that members write a short paragraph or draw a picture after each meeting.
  • The club leader and members may want to keep a calendar of events and activities. They may record each event on the calendar as it occurs.
  • Each member may write activities on a slip of paper and put them in a shoebox to use when they fill in their record.

What should be submitted to the county office?

  • The Cloverbud should complete the written form if possible. If the Cloverbud cannot write, he/she may submit a picture.
  • Three supplemental pages may be included. This can include pictures, news clippings, or other mementos that can be firmly attached to a heavy sheet of paper.
  • The club leader must sign the record.

Can the member have help in doing the record?

The Cloverbud Record was designed so the Cloverbud can do the writing that is necessary. Of course, parents and leaders may provide encouragement and support! If the child can't write but wants to submit the written form, the parent may record the events/activities in the child's own words. If this is done, the parent should sign the bottom of the back page.

When are Cloverbud Records due?

Cloverbud Records are due in the county office at the same time as other 4-H records.

What time period is covered on the record?

Records should cover a 12 month period, from September 1 to August 31. A member that joins during the year starts the record when he/she becomes a club member.