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Communications, Visual Presentations and Records

Good communication skills are critical for our young people to be successful in school and later as they enter the workforce. The 4-H program is unique in its focus on teaching young people, ages 5 through 18, both oral and written communication skills. In addition, the program gives them the opportunity to practice these skills, and continue to improve and receive awards for their accomplishments in these areas.

The showcase activity for oral communications in 4-H is the Visual Presentation Program where those ages 8 through 18 are able to compete in a number of categories. Cloverbud members, ages 5 through 7, may participate in Visual Presentations in a non-competitive format. To develop written communication and record-keeping skills, 4-H members are encouraged to keep 4-H records on an annual basis. Club leaders and 4-H Educators provide the support needed for members to participate in these activities.