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4-H Community Service

Community Service

Service to others has always been an important part of the 4-H club program. One part of the 4-H pledge states, “I pledge my hands to larger service.” An entire section of the 4-H Summary Record is dedicated to the documentation of community service done by each 4-H member.

4-H groups often conduct community service projects in local communities where they meet. These projects include community beautification, collecting donations for food pantries, raising money for charities, volunteering in nursing homes and donating needed items to hospice and hospitals, to name just a few.

In an effort to collect information about what 4-H clubs are doing across the Commonwealth we conduct an annual statewide community service project.  Called "Four Seasons of Giving", groups can conduct community service outreach in one, two, three or all four seasons of the year.   This year we are offering incentives to clubs that participate and report including 4-H pennants, record book covers, 4-H cinch bags/tote bags and 4-H approved curriculum.  We ask all 4-H groups to participate;  by working together we can really make a difference!  Read the details about our current 2019-2020 State Community Service Project.

Club leaders will receive an email at the end of each season when it is time to report their results.  Thanks in advance for contributing to this statewide effort!