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4-H volunteers are remarkable people who are willing to share their interests, skills, and time to make a positive difference in young people’s lives. Won’t you consider joining us?

New 4-H volunteers are needed now, more than ever. As a 4-H volunteer, you can help young people gain confidence as they interact with other youth in fun, safe, supervised and wholesome learning settings. 4-H Educators and special volunteer mentors will be there to help you get started.

Volunteer Forms can be downloaded from this Web site.

Current Massachusetts 4-H screened volunteers run youth clubs based on their own special interests and those of their youth members, using national 4-H curriculum developed by the land-grant university system. They serve on 4-H advisory boards and with 4-H camps and run 4-H events such as visual presentations and county 4-H fairs.

Being a 4-H volunteer is challenging, fun and personally rewarding!  Listen to what some 4-H volunteers have to say about it:

“As an outdoor science club leader, I am charged with the responsibility to teach children why it is important to reuse, recycle, limit our demand for natural resources and do what we can to protect nature.  It’s a rewarding feeling when I see these children turn around and teach the same lessons to their parents.”  Charles Chase, Nature’s Navigators Science 4-H Club

“Being a 4-H leader is so fulfilling; there is nothing like watching a child reach his/her potential and then pass on their knowledge to other kids.  This is better than any other experience I have ever had.”  Cathy Acampora, 4-H Dog Program

“I volunteer for the 4-H program to meet and work with like-minded people and to give back to the organization.  Each year as I watch new children enter the program, I am reminded of the positive influences on my child and am motivated to strengthen the program and create opportunities for others.”  Pieter Van Slyck, Plymouth County 4-H Advisory Council

“I love being a 4-H leader because it is kind of like being a coach.  Instead of a sport, I get to teach these youth how to be knowledgeable, confident and independent for life.”  Meghan Riley, Sheep Start and Ruminators 4-H Club