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For Current MA 4-H Volunteers

Financial Management, Insurance and Report Forms

Learn what knowledge is necessary for all 4-H volunteers concerning 4-H fiscal policy and complying with this policy. Find the necessary forms you will need to volunteer.

Volunteer Handbook

Download a pdf of the Volunteer Handbook.

Club Officer Handbooks

Download pdfs of the Club Officer Handbooks and the Parliamentary Procedure Guide for Clubs.

Volunteer Resources

Further resources for Massachusetts 4-H volunteers.

E-Learning Course

This course was developed as a collaborative effort of 13 western states' 4-H programs. It is designed to give an introduction to 4-H youth development and the philosophy of this program.

MA 4-H Logos & Footer Templates

The MA 4‐H logo and footer templates are elements used to build visual identity, branding of the MA 4‐H Youth Development Program within UMass Extension and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and to comply with National 4‐H guidelines.