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Andrew Whiteley

Assistant Professor
Environmental Conservation
(413) 577-0204
Department of Environmental Conservation
107 Holdsworth Hall
University of Massachusetts
160 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9285

Dr. Whiteley conducts both applied conservation genetics research and research that tests and develops basic evolutionary theory. His research program conducts conservation genetics studies of a variety of taxa.  His overarching research goal is to link genetic factors with other aspects of an organism’s biology, life-history, and demography to help predict population persistence. More specifically, his research aims to understand: 1) spatial patterns of an organism’s genetic diversity, 2) effective population size as a predictor of persistence probability, 3) whether translocation is an effective practice to enhance persistence probabilities (“genetic rescue”), and 4) adaptive dynamics and mechanisms. His research also works to develop and test general tools that will help advance the field of conservation genetics. - See more.