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Sam Black

Sam Black
Animal Diseases
(413 545-2573
(413) 545-6326
Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
427G Integrated Sciences Building
University of Massachusetts
661 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA 01003-9301

Research interests include:

Molecular basis for Control of African Trypanosomiasis and Equine Laminitis, for which the goal is to identify molecular interactions between mammal hosts and African trypanosomes that affect the development of protective immune responses as well as pathophysiologic processes. African trypanosomes are flagellated protozoa that cause sleeping sickness in people and Nagana in domestic animals. These diseases are fatal if left untreated. The diseases are endemic in the humid and semi-humid zones of Africa affecting a landmass of 10 million km 2 and 36 countries.

Control of inflammation in equine laminitis (collaboration with Jim Belknap, Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine), the goal being to develop prophylactic therapies against equine laminitis. Current research is directed at further resolving pathophysiologic processes that lead to laminitis including, i) neutrophil and vascular endothelium interactions that result in extravasation of the inflammatory leukocytes, ii) the involvement of elastase, metalloproteinases of the ADAM and ADAM-TS families and their inhibitors (TIMPs) in breakdown of the laminar matrix, iii) the involvement of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in loss of laminar integrity including fibroblast and basal epithelial cell hemidesmosome number and molecular constituents.