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Zhenhua Liu

Zhenhua Liu
Assistant Professor
B-vitamins, Folate Metabolism, Nutritional Epigenetics, Obesity and Inflammation, Cancer Prevention
(413) 545-1075
Nutrition Dept.
209 Chenoweth Laboratory
University of Massachusetts
100 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9282

Diet and lifestyle are modifiable factors which play a prominent role in public health. My laboratory investigates how those factors and their metabolically-related gene variants interact to mediate the development of chronic diseases. Particularly, my research centralizes on the nutritional modulation of the Wnt-signaling pathway as it tightly relates to many chronic diseases including cancer and obesity-associated medical complications. Currently, my laboratory focuses on Nutritional Epigenetics and Obesity-associated Inflammation in terms of the regulation of Wnt pathway and the prevention of cancer. We utilize cell culture and animal models, biochemical & molecular techniques, as well as systems biology approaches to understand the etiology of human chronic diseases. The ultimate goal of my laboratory is to integrate our biological findings with dietary and lifestyle strategies to diminish the burden of chronic diseases in our society.