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Individual parcel conservation

Identification of individual land parcels for forest protection and stewardship based on their natural resource values.

MAPPR - Mapping and Prioritizing Parcels for Resilience

MAPPR - Mapping and Prioritizing Parcels for Resilience

Mass Audubon, The Nature Conservancy

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A decision support tool informing parcel based land conservation prioritization decisions in Massachusetts.

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Forest conservation goals
Climate adaptation interests

Readily usable with minimal time, knowledge or technical requirements.

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Mapping & Prioritizing Parcels for Resilience (MAPPR) allows land conservationists to identify the parcels within an area of interest that are the highest priorities for protection based on habitat quality, climate change resilience, water resource protection, parcel size and adjacency to existing protected parcels. MAPPR uses a variety of data sources to help prioritize parcels for conservation, including BioMap2, a precursor to Resilient & Connected Landscapes, and Critical Linkages Priorities (DSL-Conductance). There are four pre-calculated models, or a user can create a customized prioritization by selecting individual factors of importance.

 Learn more about the terms used in this tool profile from the Glossary.

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