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Selection & Management of Equipment

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Select and manage equipment so as to maximize performance, minimize energy consumption, and protect water and other natural resources.

Select and maintain machinery with functionality, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact as priorities.

  • Consider optimum performance, cost, low energy use and reduced emissions when choosing equipment.
  • Know and comply with equipment safety guidelines.
  • Keep equipment in safe working order; carry out all recommended preventative maintenance on machinery.
  • Set mowing equipment at the correct height. Sharpen and balance blades as required for the machine.
  • Clean equipment according to recommended intervals, i.e. after each use.

Maintain product reference files or owners manuals or have access to such information.

  • Create and maintain a reference file with pertinent information on equipment.
  • Maintain records of routine maintenance, service procedures, upgrades, and other related information.

Regularly calibrate spreading and spraying equipment.

  • Calibration of application equipment ensures proper application rates and decreases the likelihood of poor efficacy or undesirable turf response.
  • Calibrate application equipment monthly and perform a check daily (any day a piece of equipment is used) including visual confirmation of nozzle and spreader delivery.
  • Calibrate sprayers when new nozzles are installed or when other parts of the system (e.g. pump, meter) are repaired or replaced.

Purchase locally or regionally produced materials and services whenever possible.

  • Use of local outlets decreases transportation emissions and costs.
  • Make use of locally or regionally produced fertilizers (particularly those from composted plant or food wastes), composts, soil amendments and other materials as a means of increasing regional sustainability.