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Research Summaries

The following research summaries highlight some of the current and on-going studies being conducted by UMass Turf Program researchers.

NTEP Fine Turf Trials:

Turf Agronomy & Physiology Research:

Turf Pathology Research:

Turf Weed Management Research:

  • 2015 Weed Research Projects - Turfgrass
  • 2010 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    Highlights: What’s new in broadleaf weed control, 1-4; Postemergence control of annual grass weeds, 5-12; Broadleaf weed control, 13-22; Management of Kyllinga-a sedge species, 29-48; NTEP Perennial ryegrass cultivars tolerance to CertaintyTM, 49-54.
  • 2009 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    Growth regulators in turfgrass management, 1-4; Primo MAXXTM and bentgrass quality, 5-8; Maintenance of Kentucky bluegrass stands with CertaintyTM, 22; Management of Kyllinga, 23-40; Management of garden moss, 41-44; Yellow nutsedge control, 49-52; NTEP Kentucky bluegrass cultivars tolerance to sulfosulfuron, 53-62.
  • 2008 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    TenacityTM: An alternative tool for weed management, 1-2; Perennial ryegrass safety of various TenacityTM formulations, 7-14; Garden moss control, 23-30 and 43-54; Performance of ProshotTM (methiozolin) in crabgrass control, 39-42; NTEP Kentucky bluegrass cultivars tolerance to sulfosulfuron, pp. 55-58.
  • 2007 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    Tracking growing degree days for crabgrass phenology, 1-5; Carbohydrate partitioning for creeping bentgrass as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and growth retardant, 7-10;  Glyphosate formulations for white clover control, 11-20; Tolerance of perennial ryegrass to various treatments, 27-37; Comparison of various formulations of Roundup ProTM, 39-44.
  • 2006 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    Broadleaf weed control with CertaintyTM, 1-5;  Fall application of RonstarTM treatments on bentgrass greens, 7-10;  Evaluation of mesotrione products alone and in combination with others, 11-17; Kentucky bluegrass tolerance to CertaintyTM, 33-36; Glyphosate formulations tall fescue, 37-40; Tall fescue control with CertaintyTM, 41-48, Yellow nutsedge control with CertaintyTM, 49-52.
  • 2005 Turfgrass Weed Science Research Results
    Yellow nutsedge control, 21-27; Broadleaf weed control, 29-34; Timing of CertaintyTM application to control tall fescue in Kentucky bluegrass, 35-40; Tolerance of Kentucky  bluegrass to MON 44951, 43-45; Tolerance of creeping bentgrass to MON 44951.

Turf Entomology Research:

Pesticide Fate Research: