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Field Trials

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UMass Extension
Ruth Hazzard in cabbage field
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Each year we meet with an advisory panel of conventional and organic growers from across Massachusetts to identify crop and pest management trials of greatest concern to the farming community.  We then contact grower organizations such as the New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and commercial seed and crop protection companies to sponsor trials and treatments that target the pest management concerns of our stakeholders. Conducting these trials in Massachusetts provides local efficacy data on materials used for pest management and on cultivars for genetic resistance to pests that represents the unique farming practices and climatic factors of our ag systems. Trials are conducted at the UMass Agronomy Research and Education Farm in South Deerfield, MA by UMass Extension Vegetable Program and Agricultural Experiment Station staff. Field trial results are published as articles in Vegetable Notes, and as peer-reviewed research reports in Plant Disease Management Reports and Arthropod Management Tests. Results are also presented to growers at an annual Agricultural Field Day event at the Agronomy Research and Education Farm and in grower meetings throughout the year.

Caliente blooming
Field Trials
Field Trials
Field Trials
Field Trials
Field Trials
Measuring potatoes
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