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2019 Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farm

Tully Farm
Tully Farm
The Tully Family
291 Fletcher St, Dunstable, MA

Tully Farm has been a family owned and operated business for six generations. In 1872, The Tully Family began farming in Dunstable MA with Henry and Mary Tully’s  purchase of the original farm on Hollis Street. Their sons, Charles E. and Herbert, purchased the Drake Farm in 1901. Charles E. purchased the Rideout Farm property at our current location on Fletcher Street in 1919. Charles and his son George continued to add land to the farm in Dunstable, Pepperell MA and Hollis NH. The Tully Farm has undergone many changes throughout the years, led by George, his son Charles W, and grandson Charles W Jr, who is the current owner. Charles Jr’s youngest son, Jacob, is the next generation with a passion for farming. Charles Jr’s wife and children, Kristina, Erin and Steven also help out with the dairy business. In addition to the full-time farmers, the success of Tully Farm is dependent on the help of many family members and friends who may work full time off the farm, but always help when needed. 

After almost 150 years, the current Tully Farm consists of approximately 400 acres of land and approximately 250 Holsteins cows. Additionally, Jacob has started raising beef cows. The farm produces hay, corn, and grass silage. In 2016, the farm partnered with Borrego Solar to install 1.3 megawatt solar panels on unused land.  

Innovation has allowed Tully Farm to continue to grow and achieve success. It started with a new milking parlor in 1999. The farm has an automatic calf feeder which feeds calves more consistently and grows healthier calves from birth to weaning, helping to set them up for a more productive life. Activity monitors are used on breeding age heifers and the milking herd. These have been a tremendous help not only with reproductive management, but also in keeping cows healthy and on track after calving. In 2017, the Tully family started processing their milk with the help of Hornstra Farm in Norwell. The farm uses vat pasteurization and glass bottles to produce high quality, fresh milk. In addition to products from the farm, Tully Farms Dairy supports local farms and businesses by selling their products in the store as well. 

The Tully Farm prides themselves on their commitment to their community and the agricultural industry. Family members are active in the Massachusetts State Grange and Massachusetts Farm Bureau. George taught the family that “everyone is family,” and that is an attitude that the Tully Family operates with every day. The Tully’s work to build relationships with the members of our community through Open Houses, visits to the farm, and through the store and home delivery. The Tully farm was recognized as a Century Farm and as a Dairy Farm of Distinction.