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UMass Cranberry Station

The mission of the UMass Cranberry Station is to maintain and enhance the economic viability of the Massachusetts cranberry industry through research, extension and to serve the public welfare by supporting economic development and protection of the environment. We have specialists in Plant Pathology, Entomology, Environmental Physiology, Plant Nutrition/Cultural Practices, Weed Science/Integrated Pest Management, and Floriculture. The Cranberry Station, located in southeastern Massachusetts, is recognized as a leader in the United States and worldwide for research and outreach programs on cranberry culture.

Scale Bogside Workshop

July 22, 2022

Mark your calendar! The Cranberry Station will be hosting a Scale Bogside Workshop via Zoom on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 9-10:00 AM and 1 contact hour will be offered.  For more information and how to participate, click here.

IPM Message

July 21, 2022

The IPM message was updated on August 5, 2022. To read this week's message click here. If you would like to listen to the recorded message, please call 508-258-9191.

2022 Final Keeping Quality Forecast

June 15, 2022

The forecast is for POOR final keeping quality.  To read the full report click here.

Cranberry Frost Tolerance Reports

April 14, 2022

The spring frost tolerance reports have begun!  To get the weekly report, including growing degree days and photos, click here.