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UMass Research Farm Field Day

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Join us for a tour of current crop research at the farm and a demo of our newly purchased no-till transplanter in action. The research tour will go from 3-6pm and dinner will be provided at the end of the tour.

Registration is required due to COVID-19 safety protocols. Register by filling out a form here.

The tour will include presentations on the following research:
  • Demonstrating no-till transplanter at work
  • Finding the right mixture of summer cover crops for harvest
  • Strategies for terminating cover crops
  • Sunn hemp: Grow your own nitrogen fertilizer
  • Organic control of wireworms in sweet potatoes
  • Downy mildew-resistant cucumber varieties
  • Organic control of Cercospora leaf spot in Swiss chard
  • Bacterial wilt-resistant slicing cucumbers
  • Damping off in winter spinach
  • Dual-use solar on Massachusetts farms
  • Strategies for extending grazing seasons
  • Bumblebee responses to different "flavors" of basil
  • Stem cells in agriculture

This event is made possible by the Massachusetts Coordinated Soil Health Program, MDAR, Northeast SARE, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and American Farmland Trust.



Contact's name: Samantha Glaze-Corcoran

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