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CDLE Newsletters

CDLE Newsletter 2009 Vol. 12:2
In This Issue:

Farmer Twilight Meeting - August 5

Field Day, Umass

Conserving Ammonia in Surface-applied Manure

Managing Fertilizer for Corn

BMPs for Dairy, Livestock, Equine

Pasture Research and Outreach and Other Events

CDLE Newsletter 2008 Vol. 11:1
Spring, Winter
In This Issue:

Farmer Research Meetings - April 1 and April 3.

Manure N for Corn

2007 Silage Corn Evaluation

Evaluating Hay Quality 

Composting Manure for Small Operations

Massachusetts Pasture Walks

CDLE Newsletter 2007 Vol. 10:1
In This Issue:

Barn Meeting - July 12, 2007 - Warren

On-Farm Research Opportunities

UMass Crop Mgt Research Field Day

2006 Dairy Farm Survey

Massachusetts Pasture Walks

PCDA All Dairy Breeds Show