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Cucurbits, Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus

ZYMV symptoms on zucchini leaf

Potyviridae: ZYMV

Zucchini Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) is an important virus of cucurbit crops and can cause severe losses.


Leaves are severely distorted,  reduced in size, and develop dark green blisters, serrated edges, and other deformations. Plants can be stunted and develop shortened internodes. Fruit can be greatly distorted.

Life Cycle:

ZYMV can be seed-borne and is vectored by aphids. It can also be spread mechanically by tools.

Cultural Controls & Prevention:

  • There are no cures or treatments for plant viruses
  • Destroy affected plants
  • Resistant cultivars are available: see Information on virus tolerance of cucurbit varieties below
  • ZYMV cannot be controlled with insecticides

Chemical Controls & Pesticides:

For Current information on disease recommendations ins specific crops including information on chemical control & pesticide management, please visit the New England Vegetable Management Guide website.

Crops that are affected by this disease:

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January 14