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Curly Parsley


  • Plain Leaf
  • Dark Green Italian
  • Plain
  • Curly Leaf
  • Unicurl
  • Triple Moss Curled

Seeding and Spacing

Seed is sown 1/3” deep in a well-prepared seedbed. Spacing between rows is 15” to 18”. Usual seeding rate is 20 to 40 pounds per acre (1 to 2 oz per 100 feet of row). Seed is slow to germinate and seedlings may take two to three weeks to emerge. Check older seed for germination percentage and adjust seeding rate accordingly.
Culture and Harvest

Rotate parsley plantings each year to avoid soil-borne diseases. Multiple harvests within a year are possible with parsley. A well-maintained planting can be cut from three to five times in a season. Parsley will not overwinter. Cut leaves approximately 1” above the soil line to avoid damaging the growing point. Harvesting should begin in early July with a mid- to late April seeding date.

For Current information on production methods (including varieties, spacing, seeding, and fertility), weed, disease, and insect management, please visit the New England Vegetable Management Guide website

Major insect pests that affect this crop:

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January 2013

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