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Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:8
In This Issue:
Crop Conditons
Twilight Meeting at Twin Oaks Farm
Sweet Corn Update
Stunted Little yellow Plants, Will They Recover?
Ozone Injury Observed in Potato
Squash Bug in Vine Crops
Video: Farmers and Their Ecological Sweet Corn Production Practices: Special Offer
Early Blight of Tomato and Potato
Tomato Update
Potato, Beans: Scout for Potato Leafhopper
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:7
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
A Few Thoughts on Wet Fields and Herbicides
Sweet Corn Update
Dealing with Phythophthora Blight: Checklist of Cultural and Chemical Control Measures
New Vegetable Crop Insectides/Miticides/Molluscicides
Reports from the Field: A Source of News for Vegetable and Berry Growers
Evaluation of Resistance of Cucurbit Species to Plectasporium-Tabacinum
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:6
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Sweet Corn Update
Conservation approaches to agricultural water use: a SAN publication
Spinach Leafminer on cahrd, beets, or spinach
Row cover for midsummer- want to try non-heating row covers?
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:5
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Sweet Corn Update
Dealing with Phytophthora Blight: Checklist for Field Preparation and Planting
Seedcorn Maggot and Wireworm Damage on Early Cucurbit transplants
Managing Striped Cucumber Beetle in Vine Crops: Updates for 2006
Perimeter Trap Cropping in Butternut: More Farmers Try PTC
Managing Colorado Potato Beetle
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:4
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Heat Stress and Heat Tolerance in Broccoli For Late Summer Harvest
Nutrient Management for Brassica Crops
NEV&BGA Project on Alternatives to Synthetic Pyrethroids for Control of Insect Pests in Corn
Cabbage and Onion Maggot Flies
Flea Beetles in Brassicas