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Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:22
In This Issue:
All Day Winter Meetings: January 5 and February 3, 2007
Sponsored by New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and New England Cooperative Extension Programs
Seed Quality
Fruit Rots of Pumpkins
Black Rot of Crucifers
Upcoming Programs and Events
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:21
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Upcoming Events and Meetings
Vegetable/Strawberry IPM Educator Exchange Program -- Request for Applications
USDA Cost-share for Conservation Work Helps Vegetable Growers
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:20
In This Issue:
Pumpkin Crop 2006: High Demand, Low Yields
Harvest Period, Storage and Variety Selection to Optimize Eating Quality in Squash
Exotic Pest Detection: the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
Northeast SARE Partnership and Farmer Grants
New England Greenhouse Conference Reminder
Upcoming Workshops and Twilight Meetings
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:19
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Sweet Corn Update, European Corn Borer, Fall Armyworm and Corn Earworm Trap Counts
Potato Update
Brassicas: Fall Insects and Diseases
Fall Weed Management Advice
Indian Corn: Harvesting and Handling Indian Corn
The 2006 New England Greenhouse Conference- Featuring ALternative Crops Ideas and Dabbling in Vegetables and Cut Flowers
Upcoming Twilight Meetings
Passing of Ray Pestle, Vermont Extension Agent
Vegetable Notes 2006 Vol. 17:18
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Sweet Corn Update, European Corn Borer, Fall Armyworm and Corn Earworm Trap Counts
Determining Effective Cover Crop Seeding Dates
Crop Rotation
Upcoming Twilight Meetings
USDA/RMA 2006 Commodity Insurance Fact Sheet for Massachusetts Potatoes


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