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Multi-level Extension Delivery to Support IPM for Massachusetts Vegetable and Fruit Growers

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Small Fruit Extension Educator Sonia Schloemann scouts raspberries with a grower. Photo: UMass Vegetable Program
Project Description: 

Timeframe: 2014 - 2017

Our Project goal is to deliver effective and timely IPM information and recommendations to MA vegetable and fruit growers that enable these specialty crop growers to achieve increased profitability while reducing adverse risks to human health and the environment. Objectives include: providing educational programs/IPM delivery on monitoring and managing established and emerging arthropod, pathogen, and weed pests; collaborating with Regional Extension Specialists to ensure a unified approach for managing those pests that cross state lines; providing education regarding resistance management; and engaging a varied agricultural clientele including organic, women-owned, diversified, small, and family-owned farms. We will use a multi-level approach including mentor (one-on-one technical assistance) and partner farm projects (demonstration research locations) driven by stakeholder-identified needs, and reach growers on individual, farm, state, and regional levels. We will build grower confidence and knowledge for implementing IPM by providing on-farm training, delivering data, in formats preferred by the grower, collected from intensive field scouting and web-linked weather monitoring

Funded by: USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture

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Integrated Pest Management

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