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Mesclun mix and spring mix are interchangeable terms used to describe assorted mixed baby greens harvested at the seedling stage (3-4 weeks). Blends usually include 5-7 types of greens with a range of leaf sizes, colors, shapes and textures. Although leaf lettuces are often the primary component, most mixes also include non-lettuce greens (brassicas, herbs, and others) to add diversity in flavor and appearance. Mixes can be mild- or spicy-flavored, and can be harvested young for use in salads or older as “braising” mixes for stir-fries.

For Current information on production methods (including varieties, spacing, seeding, and fertility), weed, disease, and insect management, please visit the New England Vegetable Management Guide website

Major insect pests that affect this crop:

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January 14