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UMass Extension Vegetable Program

The UMass Extension Vegetable Team provides both research and educational programs for a diverse and thriving vegetable industry in Massachusetts and the region.

The UMass Extension Vegetable team is a multidisciplinary group including specialists in sustainable vegetable production, cover crops and soil fertility, IPM and organic management of weeds, insects and diseases, disease diagnostics, plant breeding, development of new crops especially for ethnic and immigrant communities (, education of new and immigrant farmers, and marketing.

Current Newsletter: Vegetable Notes 2022 Vol. 34:11
In This Issue:

Crop Conditions
Pest Alerts
Leaf Spots of Cucurbits
Caterpillars in Brassica Crops
Shade Cloth for Bell Peppers
New Extension Food Safety Resources: the SCRUB Project

A new fact sheet on lifecycles of common weeds in vegetable production systems is now available from the UMass Extension Vegetable Program. This fact sheet outlines the life cycles of winter annual, summer annual, and perennial weeds, including common examples and recommended control strategies for each, along with photos. This fact sheet is available in English and Spanish.

Join the Vegetable Team and speakers from across the Northeast and beyond to discuss water issues across the farm--from irrigation efficiency for times of drought to tile drainage for times of flood, using sanitizers to ensure safe washing of produce, mapping water resources, and much more. Wednesdays in September from 6-7:30pm! Check the events tab for registration info.

A new column with expert tips on growing your own herbs and vegetables in MA is live, with articles in English and Spanish!