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Girls Inc. Food Science Program was a Great Success!

Girls Inc. Food Science Program
July 16, 2018

Bread properties analysis in Chenoweth LabGirls Inc. is a wonderful non-profit organization that works to empower young women. Through this program girls aged 6-18 are encouraged to be independent, strong-willed and focused on their academics. Through interesting and engaging programs the young women are encouraged to persue their passions and explore more opportunities. Girls Inc. teamed up with the Food Science Extension Program and UMass dining services to demonstrate all of the fun aspects of food science. The 2-day event started with a baking demonstration by Chef Simon of UMass dining services. The girls made white and whole wheat bread with the techniques they had learned, while discussing the differences in the gluten structures. The girls were able to understand how science impacts the consumer's dining experience with mouthfeel, taste and color differences in the two types of bread.  The bread was delicious, and each girl got to take her own loaf of bread home! On day 2, the ladies hit Chenoweth laboratory to evaluate the physiochemical properties of the bread hands-on. The day was packed full of fun experiments using lab equipment to evaluate the color, texture and strength of the loaves. The girls had a great time, as well as the staff members that coordinated the fun-filled days!

Bread analysis in Chenoweth Lab

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