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Food Science News

It probably comes as a surprise to consumers, but many New England small farms dry their tasty fresh vegetables in your average, ordinary washing machine. But is it safe? Food science researchers at the University of Massachusetts plan to find out. 

The UMass Food Science Extension Program, UMass Dining, and Girls Inc. teamed up to investigate the scientific properties of baking bread in a fun, 2-day event at UMass Amherst. 

Amadeus Driando Ahnan & Mitchell Culler

Food Science PhD students, Amadeus Driando Ahnan & Mitchell Culler, won 1st place in the USDA Smart Snacks for Kids Product Development Competition by IFT.

The UMass Food Science Extension Program has recieved a 3-year USDA-NIFA grant for Food Safety Management Training for small emerging food businesses. 

UMass Food Science students designed new ice cream flavors for the local dairy producer, Maple Valley Creamery. The full story is found here.

UMass Amherst logo  USDA National Needs Masters & Doctoral Fellowships available for Fall 2017!

Positions available:

- 1 Masters Degree, Food Science with a focus in produce safety

- 1 PhD Degree, Food Science with a focus in photodynamic processing for produce

UMass is a collaborating partner to establish a Northeast Regional Center for Food Safety, Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance.

UMass recently was awarded a USDA NIFA grant titled, "Improving Produce Safety through Graduate Education to Integrate Research and Industrial Practice".

UMass Food Science students helped to teach 4H Summer of Science campers about the science of food using the UMass Pilot Plant in Chenoweth Laboratory.

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The Umass Food Science Department hosted a Food Emulsions Short Course in the Campus Center in May for over 65 particpants.