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Vegetable Notes 2010 Vol. 21:8
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Thrips in Onions & Brassicas
FDA extends comment period for fresh produce safety standards
Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Pesticides
Late Blight Update
Tomato Fungicides
Sweet Corn Report
Using Copper for Late Blight Control
Vegetable Notes 2010 Vol. 21:7
In This Issue:
Bio-Control for Mexican Bean Beetle
Checklist for Late Blight
Late Blight Forecasting
Presidio Fungicide Registered for Drip Irrigation
Managing Striped Cucumber Beetle in Vine Crops
Perimeter Trap Cropping in Vine Crops
Corn Report
Upcoming Meetings
Vegetable Notes 2010 Vol. 21:6
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
UMass Team Looking for Cucurbit Fields for Soil Samples
Managing Colorado Potato Beetle
Farm to School Project
June is the Time for Sudangrass
UMass Vegetable Program Starts New Project on Winter Harvest and Sales
New Cucurbit Disease Scouting & Management Guide From UMass Extension
Tomato and potato: Late Blight
Upcoming Meetings
Vegetable Notes 2010 Vol. 21:5
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Spinach Leaf Miner
New Insecticide Chemistry: Diamides
Keeping Late Blight in the Rear View Mirror
2010 Weed Management Update
Phytopthora capsici Prevention Checklist
Upcoming Meetings
Vegetable Notes 2010 Vol. 21:4
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Cabbage & Onion Maggot
Flea Beetle in Brassicas
Weather & Pest Resource for MA
Seedcorn Maggot & Wireworm
Winter Sprouting Broccoli
Vegetable Management Guide Information
Upcoming Meetings