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TickTalk with TickReport Webinars

Welcome to our TickTalk with TickReport Webinar Series

A FREE series brought to you by the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology and UMass Extension

TickTalk with TickReport is back for 2020! Each month we will hear from Dr. Stephen Rich and the Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ)! TickTalk in 2020 will also feature exciting guest speakers on tick topics that you told us were important to YOU. The series will include seasonality and life stages of ticks (key to planning intervention and prevention), emerging or invasive tick species, how ticks use vegetation and leaf litter throughout their life cycle, increasing fears of Alpha-gal allergies (allergies to certain meat and animal-related products), dispelling myths of tick control, and many more. Mosquito concerns, including life cycle, behavior, and EEE infection, will also be addressed and Dr. Rich will discuss the tens of thousands of mosquitoes the LMZ tests each year for a range of viruses. Tune in the 2nd Wednesday of the month! 

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TICK TESTING: TickReport at the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology is open and accepting tick samples for testing. For more details on how to submit samples, go to

2020 WEBINAR SCHEDULE - 2nd Wednesday of the month

DECEMBER 9, 2020 - More Ticks in More Places; A conversation with Dr. Tom Mather aka “The Tick Guy”
Speaker: Dr. Tom Mather, TickEncounter
The final TickTalk of 2020 will feature a conversation between host Dr. Stephen Rich and his guest Dr. Tom Mather.  Dr. Mather will talk about “More Ticks in More Places”, and discuss his highly regarded TickEncounter web site and associated resource center.  Dr. Mather is a world-renowned tick expert who has also spent more than a decade bringing his expertise into the public conversation. Dr. Mather discusses the challenges of educating the public about ticks and tick-borne disease in an internet-savvy world where competing messages of questionable veracity can be found in abundance. Join Dr. Mather for an online tour of the TickEncounter web site (including TickSpotters), and hear stories of what happens when people are “just wrong enough” in their understanding of ticks and risk of tick-borne disease." Register at:

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