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UMass Extension's Garden Calendar

The intense petal color of some tulip varieties helped to spark the historical European interest in tulips. A renewal of a long-standing annual tradition… a useful, stimulating, and educational monthly wall calendar from UMass Extension.

Our Extension Specialists have compiled the latest collection of uplifting images of garden and landscape plants well-suited for the Northeast. Each date features a timely, research-based tip such as when to fertilize, insect and disease alerts, or when to be especially tick-aware.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Achieving Success Installing Container Grown Plants

Purchasing plants for the landscape can be a considerable investment in both time and money. Selecting the right plant for the right place is the first step in making the most of this investment. This means selecting the best-suited plant material for your location according to light exposure, water availability, hardiness zone, soil conditions, and environmental exposure. The next step, and just as important to success, is following proper planting procedure.

Our 2024 calendar includes guidelines for preparing the planting hole, avoiding problems with circling roots, amending the soil before planting, and shares the results of a two-year UMass study looking at plant establishment success using different root preparation methods at planting.

About the Calendar

Butterfly weed is the featured plant for August. Give it as a gift and enjoy one yourself all year...

Each month of UMass Extension's Garden Calendar features:

  • One large, inspiring garden image plus information about the image  
  • Daily gardening tips for Northeast growing conditions  
  • Daily sunrise and sunset times*  
  • Phases of the moon  
  • Plenty of room for notes  
  • Low gloss paper for easy writing  

The UMass Garden calendar is a wall calendar. The dimensions of the calendar when open are 12.5" wide x 19" long.

View a sample page from the 2024 UMass Garden Calendar

View sample image thumbnails from the 2024 UMass Garden Calendar


A sample date from UMass Extension's 2024 Garden Calendar
A sample date from UMass Extension's 2021 Garden Calendar.

* Sunrise and sunset times may differ from location to location within New England because of slight differences in latitude and longitude. Times used in this calendar are for Worcester, Mass. Moon phases, solstices, and equinoxes are in Eastern Standard Time.


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Proceeds from sales of our UMass Garden Calendar helps to support the ongoing work of horticultural Extension at the University of Massachusetts.