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UMass Extension's Garden Calendar

Bronze Arrowhead Oakleaf Lettuce on the cover of the 2021 UMass Garden Calendar For many years, UMass Extension has worked with the citizens of Massachusetts to help them make sound choices about growing and maintaining plants in their landscapes, including ornamental plants, backyard fruits and vegetables. Our 2021 calendar continues UMass Extension's tradition of providing gardeners with practical information.

Nothing is fresher or more satisfying than growing and harvesting an abundance of highquality vegetables and herbs. Growing your own food is also appealing as a way do something fun that is compatible with social distancing! To become a successful gardener is not complicated; for the most part, the needed skills can be easily mastered. The 2021 UMass Garden Calendar offers some tips on getting started and achieving success, with an emphasis on the basics, raised beds, and container vegetable gardening.

Our perennial wish is that you enjoy this calendar as much as we enjoy producing it, and that it is helpful in all your gardening endeavors.

About the Calendar

Hellebore or Lenten Rose is the featured plant for April. Give it as a gift and enjoy one yourself all year...

Each month of UMass Extension's Garden Calendar features:

  • One large, inspiring garden image plus information about the image  
  • Daily gardening tips for Northeast growing conditions  
  • Daily sunrise and sunset times*  
  • Phases of the moon  
  • Plenty of room for notes  
  • Low gloss paper for easy writing  

The UMass Garden calendar is a wall calendar. The dimensions of the calendar when open are 12.5" wide x 19" long.

  Download a sample page from the 2021 UMass Garden Calendar

  Download sample image thumbnails from the 2021 UMass Garden Calendar


A sample date from UMass Extension's 2021 Garden Calendar
A sample date from UMass Extension's 2021 Garden Calendar.

* Sunrise and sunset times may differ from location to location within New England because of slight differences in latitude and longitude. Times used in this calendar are for Worcester, Mass. Moon phases, solstices, and equinoxes are in Eastern Standard Time.


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Proceeds from sales of the Garden Calendar benefit the work of UMass Extension's educational programs.