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A Horticultural Newsletter for Home Gardeners

For many years, Garden Clippings provided timely, research-based information to home gardeners on the latest control strategies for insects and diseases of turf, ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit, as well as tips for monthly gardening activities and alerts about current pest outbreaks.

Garden Clippings has changed! In 2020, as we strive to make access to science-based information easier for all, we have combined aspects of Garden Clippings with our Hort Notes newsletter to provide one-stop shopping for all of your educational needs! Hort Notes: Clippings from the Garden is written for landscapers, grounds managers, arborists, and other green industry professionals with the understanding that home gardeners may also look to this publication for information as well. This newsletter will include monthly email alerts to emerging landscape insect and disease problems while providing timely Integrated Pest Management strategies. It will emphasize timely plant health care practices and problem-solving information.  

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