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The Landscape Message

The Landscape Message is an educational newsletter and update intended to inform and guide horticultural professionals in the management of our collective landscape. Scouts compile and record environmental and phenological data for locations throughout Massachusetts to aid in the monitoring of plant and pest development, the planning of management strategies, and the creation of site-specific records for future reference.  Detailed reports from Extension specialists on growing conditions, pest activity, and cultural practices for the management of woody ornamentals, trees, and turf are regular features.

The Landscape Message allows landscapers, arborists, turf managers, nursery growers, garden designers and other practitioners to be in touch with local trends and challenges. The following information is commonly available for turf and landscape plant materials:

  • Weather and general conditions reports
  • Insect activity and population development
  • Disease occurrences and potential disease problems
  • Growing degree day reports
  • Phenology information for key indicator plants
  • Cultural problems and solutions
  • Pest management strategies, including Integrated Pest Management

Approximately 21 messages are published each year. A new message is available weekly during the heart of the growing season, bi-weekly in mid to late summer, and monthly in the fall. Subscribe to our e-mail list to receive notification in your inbox when each new message is posted.

Credits: The Landscape Message is produced by UMass Extension's Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry team. The copy is prepared from data and reports provided by the staff and faculty of the UMass Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program and the UMass Extension Turf Program as well as cooperating horticulturists and Green Industry professionals. The Landscape Message is coordinated and edited by Jennifer Ruggieri, with assistance from Ellen Weeks and Jason Lanier.

Acknowledgements: UMass Extension gratefully acknowledges the support of the following funding sources for the production of the Landscape Message –

  • The Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association Fund
  • The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Award #ISADCR28219926UMA22A
  • Stakeholders like you!  The Landscape Message is partially supported by educational program user fees.

Disclaimer: The information in the Landscape Message is not presented as recommendations, but rather as expertly audited observations and reports intended to help practitioners make informed decisions. The user of this information assumes all risks and liability for personal injury and property damage (read full disclaimer).

Archived Materials: The Landscape Message Archive contains information that is archived as it originally appeared, in an effort to preserve useful information and to illustrate changing management techniques and pest patterns over time. Some text may contain references to specific pesticide or fertilizer products. Due to the continually changing nature of the trade and of applicable regulations, some messages may contain references to products that are no longer available and/or are no longer registered for use.