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Fall Wrap-Up

Event date/time: 
Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - 8:30am to 3:45pm
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Event location: 
Doubletree Hotel
11 Beaver St, Milford, MA, 01757
$75 for EITHER the morning or afternoon session
$95 if registering for BOTH the morning and afternoon sessions

Join us in person for a review of the challenges and problems of the 2023 season. Use this opportunity also to connect with your industry peers and colleagues.

This program is now filled to capacity and we are no longer taking registrations. No walk-ins will be accepted.


  • Morning ONLY (TURF): 3 pesticide contact hours for categories 37 or Applicators License. Association credits: 1 MCH and 1 MCLP
  • Afternoon ONLY (WOODY ORNAMENTALS): 3 pesticide contact hours for categories 29, 36, or Applicators License. Association credits: 2.75 ISA, 1 MCA, 1 MCLP, and 1 MCH.
  • ATTENDING THE ENTIRE DAY: 6 for Applicators License; 3 pesticide contact hours for categories 29 and 36, or 3 pesticide contact hours for category 37.  Association credits: 2.75 ISA, 1 MCA, 2 MCLP, and 2 MCH.


8:00 am:  Registration & check-in


Time: 8:30 – 11:45 am

8:30 – 9:25 am:  Turf Insect Pests: A Soggy Season In-Review
Dr. Olga Kostromytska, Extension Assistant Professor and Turf Entomologist, UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture
2023 was one of the wettest growing seasons on record for our region, which had effects on insect pest life cycles, control measures, and apparent damage on turf surfaces. Dr. Kostromytska will discuss useful insect management take-aways from this unique season and feature the most up-to-date data from UMass trials for two key pests: billbugs and white grubs.

9:25 - 9:45 am: Break

9:45 – 10:40 am:  Feed Your… Pathogens? Nitrogen and Turf Diseases
Dr. Geunhwa Jung, Professor and Turf Pathologist, UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Focused cultural practices are a first-order strategy for reducing fungal diseases for lawn and grounds turf, and judicious nitrogen (N) fertilization is a key practice for overall turf health and disease resistance. However, N levels can also directly influence disease development, both positively and negatively. In this talk, Dr. Jung will discuss the relationships between N and disease incidence, as well as best practices for promoting turf health and reducing disease infection and severity.

10:40 - 10:50 am: Break

10:50 am – 11:45 pm:  Into the Weeds on the Group 3 Herbicides
Randy Prostak, UMass Extension Weed Specialist
Building on the discussion of the Group 4 herbicides from our 2023 Spring Kickoff program, several of the most utilized turf herbicides are categorized in Group 3 by the Weed Science Society of America. Notable examples such as pendimethalin, dithiopyr, prodiamine, and trifluralin are frequently used for preemergence control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in turf systems. Key characteristics and the most common use patterns will be covered to enable more efficient and effective weed management with these materials.

11:45 – 12:30  LUNCH (on your own for those attending the entire day)


Time: 12:30 – 3:45 pm

12:30 – 1:25 pm:  Creepers, Climbers, and Sprawlers, Oh My!! Managing Viney Weeds and Invasive Plants
Randy Prostak, UMass Extension Weed Specialist
Weeds that grow as vines or have a viney habit can be especially troublesome in a landscape setting. This presentation will provide details on both identification and management strategies for the most common viney offenders including oriental bittersweet, mile-a-minute, porcelain berry, poison ivy, wild grape, and bindweed.

1:25 - 1:35 pm: Break

1:35 – 2:30 pm:  Insect Pests of Trees and Shrubs in MA: 2023 Review
Tawny Simisky, UMass Extension Entomologist
This presentation will discuss a review of the insect pests of trees and shrubs seen in 2023. Timely updates for invasive insects in the state will also be shared. The availability of new educational resources to be highlighted, including UMass Extension's Professional Insect & Mite Management Guide for Woody Plants.

2:30 - 2:40 pm: Break

2:40 – 3:35 pm:  Tree and Shrub Disease Update
Dr. Nick Brazee, UMass Extension Plant Pathologist
This talk will focus on prominent diseases and environmental stresses that were diagnosed from samples submitted to the UMass Plant Diagnostic Laboratory during the 2023 growing season. Specific topics will include beech leaf disease, freeze and frost damage, twig and branch cankers, rusts, and late season foliar diseases.

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Pre-registration required. This program is now filled to capacity and we are no longer taking registrations.

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Ellen Weeks
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11 Beaver St Milford MA