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Spring Kickoff for Landscape & Lawn Care: UMass Extension's Landscape Education Days

Event date/time: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
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To attend BOTH days: $95/pp; $86/pp when registering 3 or more from the same company.
To attend ONE day: $75/pp; $68/pp when registering 3 or more from the same company.

This virtual education program will equip you with knowledge and skills you can implement in your management program for the upcoming season. Attend either day, or both, with a different set of topics each day.

Pesticide & Professional Credits

Pesticide credit:

  • For Tue. March 26 - 3 pesticide contact hours for categories 29, 36, Dealers, and Applicators License.
  • For Wed. March 27 - 2 pesticide contact hours for categories 37, Dealers, and Applicators License.

Association credits: For Tues. March 26 - 1 MCH, 1 MCA, and 1 MCLP available; ISA credits requested. For Wed. March 27 - 1 MCH and 1 MCLP available.



8:30 AM Woody Plant Disease in the Landscape: Predictions for the Upcoming Growing Season
Dr. Nick Brazee, UMass Extension Plant Pathologist
This talk will highlight woody plant disease trends over the past several years and what we can expect in 2024. Abiotic stress from intense heat, short-term drought and localized flooding have helped to spur serious disease outbreaks. We will also review several important tree and shrub pathogens to prepare for the plant health care season.
9:45 AM Insect Pests of Trees and Shrubs to Add to Your 2024 Springtime Scouting
Tawny Simisky, UMass Extension Entomologist
This presentation will highlight a few common insect pests of trees and shrubs that may be active in the spring, with a focus on sharing visual monitoring tips (in other words, what to look for!). Timely updates for invasive insects in the state will also be shared, time permitting. The availability of new educational resources to be highlighted, including UMass Extension's Professional Insect & Mite Management Guide for Woody Plants.
11:00 AM Pesticides in a Pollinator Friendly Environment
Danielle Sackett, Plant Protection Specialist, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Pesticides should always be the last resort for control, but if they need to be used, there are ways to do so that will have less impact on pollinators. In this presentation, ways to mitigate pesticide effects on pollinators will be discussed. 



8:30 AM Into the Weeds on the Group 2 and 14 Herbicides for Turf 
Randy Prostak, UMass Extension Weed Specialist
Building on the discussion of the Group 4 herbicides from our 2023 Spring Kickoff program, as well as the Group 3 herbicides covered at our 2023 Fall Wrap-Up, we will take a thorough look at the Group 2 and 14 herbicides. These groups, despite being few in number, can play an important role in turf weed management programs. Key characteristics and the most common use patterns will be covered to enable more efficient and effective weed management with these materials.
9:45 AM Non-Chemical Management of Common Lawn Diseases
Dr. Angela Madeiras, UMass Extension Educator and Diagnostician
While troublesome lawn diseases come about regularly, chemical fungicides are often less practical for lawn settings, especially those intended to be low maintenance.  Dr. Madeiras will discuss fundamentals for effective lawn disease management in a reduced input framework, including specific cultural approaches and organic materials.
11:00 AM Notes from Where Turf Care and Water Quality Meet
Jason Lanier, UMass Extension Turf Specialist
Water is among our most precious natural resources. While healthy and vigorous turf has an important role in reducing water pollution, turf management practices and materials, especially nutrients, carry the potential to negatively impact water quality. This presentation will outline practical, research-based strategies for maintaining high performance turf surfaces with water protection as a priority.
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Ellen Weeks
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(413) 545-2685
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