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Spring Kickoff for Landscapers: UMass Extension's Landscape Education Day

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Event date/time: 
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
Event Type: 
To attend BOTH days: $95/pp; $86/pp when registering 3 or more from the same company.
To attend ONE day: $75/pp; $68/pp when registering 3 or more from the same company.

Sustainable landscaping uses multiple management strategies that seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment while maintaining aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Join us via GoToWebinar to learn management strategies and practices that you can implement to provide beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly landscapes for your customers.  Attendees can choose to attend either of these half-day sessions, or the entire two-day program. 

Pesticide & Professional Credits

For EACH DAY, 2 pesticide contact hours for categories 29, 36, and Applicators License.

Association credits: 3 ISA, 3 SAF (cat 1), 3 CFE, 1 MCH, 1 MCA, and 1 MCLP available for each day.



8:30 AM Effective Ways to Attract And Support Pollinators in Managed Landscapes
Emily May, Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Xerces Society
This presentation will discuss proven ways of attracting and supporting pollinators in managed landscapes. Information provided will include best management practices for pollinators as well as information on plant selection. 
9:45 AM Managing Powdery Mildews in the Landscape
Dr. Angela Madeiras, UMass Extension Plant pathologist and Diagnostician
Powdery mildews are common on trees and shrubs in the landscape. This talk will examine the biology and life cycles of powdery mildews as well as cultural and chemical management techniques.  
11:00 AM Taming the Top Troublesome Insect Pests of Woody Landscape Plants
Tawny Simisky, Extension Entomology Specialist, UMass Extension
This presentation will discuss identification of major insect pests of trees and shrubs in managed landscapes and provide tips on the most effective approaches to manage these pests using non-chemical, reduced risk insecticides, and conventional management options where applicable.



8:30 AM Diseases of Trees and Shrubs Forecast: What to Expect in 2021
Dr. Nick Brazee, UMass Extension Plant Pathologist
Diseases can have a serious impact on the health of woody ornamentals. This session will provide a projected forecast for the 2021 season disease problems of woody ornamentals. Discussion will include illustrations of symptoms and suitable management approaches to use in landscapes and nurseries. 
9:45 AM Early Season Weed Management in the Landscape
Randy Prostak, UMass Extension Weed Specialist
Weeds compete with landscape plants for moisture, nutrients and sunlight and can have a negative impact on the attractiveness of the landscape. This presentation will focus on items associated with landscape weed management that one should be thinking about as we begin a new growing season.
11:00 AM Encouraging Wildlife Diversity in Designed Landscapes
Dr. Matthew Tarr, Extension Professor, Wildlife Specialist University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
“An abundance of wildlife” is one of the best indicators of an ecologically well-designed landscape. By understanding how pollinators, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians select their habitats during each season of the year, we can design landscapes that effectively attract and support a diversity of wildlife. This presentation will provide practical methods for designing ecologically complete landscapes that invite human interaction and transcend simple aesthetics through their added interest and functioning interconnected elements.
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Ellen Weeks
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(413) 545-0895
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