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2024 Community Tree Conference: Managing Tree Systems in a Changing Climate

Shade tree
February 27, 2024

This one-day conference is designed for tree care professionals, volunteers, and enthusiasts including arborists, tree wardens, urban foresters, foresters, landscape architects and shade tree committee members. Topics include: 

  • Climate change and urban greening: science and practice
  • Maintaining urban greenspace in a time of climate change
  • Challenges of predicting disease occurrence and intensity with a changing climate
  • Native & non-native tree & shrub insect pests in a changing climate: what might we expect?
  • Do you suffer from inspection fatigue?
  • Tree value in a changing climate
  • Fine roots: what do they look like, what they do, and how to identify if they’re healthy
  • Urban landscape design in a changing environment

For the detailed agenda and to register, see our Events calendar.


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