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More Ticks in More Places; A conversation with Dr. Tom Mather aka “The Tick Guy”

The final TickTalk of 2020 features a conversation between host Dr. Stephen Rich and his guest Dr. Tom Mather.  Dr. Mather will talk about “More Ticks in More Places”, and discuss his highly regarded TickEncounter web site and associated resource center.  Dr. Mather is a world-renowned tick expert who has also spent more than a decade bringing his expertise into the public conversation.  Dr. Mather discusses the challenges of educating the public about ticks and tick-borne disease in an internet-savvy world where competing messages of questionable veracity can be found in abundance. Join Dr. Mather for an online tour of the TickEncounter web site (including TickSpotters), and hear stories of what happens when people are “just wrong enough” in their understanding of ticks and risk of tick-borne disease." Speaker: Dr. Tom Mather, TickEncounter, University of Rhode Island

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