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UMass Extension's 2023 Invasive Insect Webinar Series Day 2 - Spotted Lanternfly Management and Entomopathogens and Biopesticides of Spotted Lanternfly

Managing spotted lanternfly in locations where this insect has become established and damaging populations are seen in Massachusetts will be important. Learn from the experience of PennState Extension, which has been dealing with this pest since 2014, about best management practices for this insect. An integrated pest management (IPM) approach to dealing with the spotted lanternfly is recommended. 

The second presentation discusses recent research of epizootics (outbreaks of disease) from entomopathogens (insect killing fungi) on spotted lanternfly populations in Pennsylvania. This presentation also covers lab and field trials using biopesticides (Beauvaria bassiana and Isaria fumosorosea) on spotted lanternfly nymphs and adults, and provides some insight on scouting for egg masses in vineyards. 

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