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UMass Extension's Invasive Insect Webinar Series 2022: Day 1 - Browntail Moth in Maine: What You Should Know and Invasive Forests Insects in Massachusetts

Topic 1: Browntail Moth in Maine and What You Should Know
Tom Schmeelk, Entomologist 2, Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, Maine Forest Service Insect and Disease Lab
Browntail moth is a non-native species that poses human health risks as well as concerns for forest health. This species is currently experiencing a population boom in Maine and may pose a risk in other states as it is a good hitch hiker. This presentation covers lifecycle, history, current situation and what to look for as well as management and mitigation strategies.

Topic 2: Invasive Forests Insects in Massachusetts: Past, Present, and Future
Nicole Keleher, Forest Health Director, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation
Includes a background on historic forest pests in the Commonwealth, dives into current insects impacting our forest landscape, and discusses the impact of climate change on invasive insect threats of the future.

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