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Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:10
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Update on the Tomato Salmonella Outbreak
Downy Mildew Update
ECB & Pepper Maggot in Pepper
Flea Beetle in Late Season Brassicas
Buckwheat as a Summer Cover Crop
Sweet Corn Report
Pest Update
Summer Meeting Dates
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:9
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Does Spraying for Aphids Control Virus?
Bacterial Diseases of Cucurbit Crops
Early Blight of Potato & Tomato
Sap Beetles
Scarab Beetles
Corn Report
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:8
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Cucurbit Disease Management
Downey Mildew Update
Corn Report
Biology and Control of Yellow Nutsedge
Potato Leaf Hopper
Squash Vine Borer & Squash Bug
Three Lined Potato Beetle
Tomato Diseases
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:7
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Spider mites in eggplant
Early season bacterial diseases in peppers & tomato
Insects in Brassica crops
Corn Report
Now is the time for PSNT
Measuring Insecticide for Backpack Sprayers and Small Plantings
Cucurbit disease program
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:6
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Cucurbit Insecticides – Toxicity to Bees
Managing Colorado Potato Beetle
Organic Management of Striped Cucumber Beetles
Potato Flea Beetle
Corn Report