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Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:16
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Downey Mildew Confirmed in MA!
Factors Affecting Eating Quality in Squash
Late Summer Legume Cover Crops
Copper Products for Organic Use
Corn & Pepper Report
Phytophthora in Tomato
Upcoming Meetings
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:15
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Verrill Farm Twilight Meeting Reminder
Cucurbit Disease Update
Summer Meetings
Corn Report
Managing Powdery Mildew Organically
Pest Update
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:14
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Cucurbit Disease Update
Preventing Deer Damage
MDAR Energy News
White Mold of Bean
Salmonella Source Found
Massachusetts Tomato Contest
Sweet Corn Report
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:13
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Cucurbit Disease Update
Corn Heat for Greenhouses
Late Blight Update
Summer Beetles
Black Rot (Gummy Stem Blight)
Sweet Corn & Pepper Report
Plectosporium Blight of Cucurbits
Vegetable Notes 2008 Vol. 19:12
In This Issue:
Crop Conditions
Garlic Harvest & Storage
Cucurbit Disease Update
Using the Zealater
New Sweet Corn Scouting Guide
Sweet Corn & Pepper Report
Summer Meeting Dates & Tomato Contest
Sprouting Broccoli for Winter Harvest
Powdery Mildew Update


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