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4-H Science

SET Resources

Workshop Handouts

Fun places on the Internet

Take a virtual trip complete with campfire songs.

  • ?Who Dunnit?
    Learn to do fun forensic activities.
  • 2-D Animation program
  • Scratch is available free of charge from MIT.
  • 3-D Animation program
    Alice is freely available as a public service by Carnegie Mellon University.
  • NASA Space Place
    Check this site out to learn more about astronomy or to test your knowledge.
  • Observing with NASA
    Kids Capture their Universe an astrophotography program that includes online telescope, imaging software and more.
  • WGBH Meet the Greens
    WGBH has a new program to engage youth in environmental education. Check them out here.

Get involved in Citizens Science:

  • Sunflower Project – You can sign up and learn about the importance of bees in pollination, watch your sunflowers grow and be part of a real life scientific study.
  • Urban Birds Project - Learn about urban birds while helping participate in Cornell’s ornithology project.
  • Lost Lady Bugs - A team of Cornell scientists is asking children for their help. They need them anywhere and everywhere in the country to start looking for ladybugs: "Find 'em, photograph 'em and send 'em."
  • 4-H Million Trees Project - 4-H youth across the nation can participate. To learn more or to get involved, go to this site. You can also check the map on the participant’s page to see  virtual push pins for each club involved.

Hands-On Science Websites/Curriculum:

MA 4-H "Nanotechnology" Science Experiment

The Massachusetts 4-H Program held a contest in April for UMass Amherst students to submit a proposal for a science experiment and the winner was Yitzi Calm and his work on Nanotechnology with the STEM Ed program.

The link below points to a video (.swf format needs flash player), which explains the step by step details of the experiment, and gives a simple explanation of the physics involved via 2-D, 3-D, and live video:

Contact your local Educator for more information about borrowing:

SET Curriculum
GPS Unit’s
Rocket Launcher
Alternative Energy Kit
Lego Mindstorm Robotics

And More!