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UMass Cranberry Station
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The mission of the UMass Cranberry Station is to maintain and enhance the economic viability of the Massachusetts cranberry industry through research, extension and to serve the public welfare by supporting economic development and protection of the environment. We have specialists in Plant Pathology, Entomology, Environmental Physiology, Plant Nutrition/Cultural Practices, Weed Science/Integrated Pest Management, and Floriculture. The Cranberry Station, located in southeastern Massachusetts, is recognized as a leader in the United States and worldwide for research and outreach programs on cranberry culture.

Current Weather Summary

IPM Message for 2016 now available

The IPM Message for June 22, 2016 has been posted.  To view it and past reports, click on IPM Message in the Quick Links on the home page. 

Please note: the IPM message is being updated “as needed” rather than on a particular day so that we can keep you posted when we hear about breaking issues.  Check this page to see if there is an update or follow
Erika Saalau Rojas on Twitter ( - she will tweet an alert when the IPM message changes.

Spring frost reports now available for cranberry growers

Frost reports for the 2016 spring season have been posted.  To view them and past reports, click on Frost Tolerance Reports in the Quick Links on the home page.  The Spring Frost Tolerances Pictures fact sheet from 2015 has also been posted in the Fact Sheet Section.

2016 Cranberry Chart Book is now available

The 2016 Cranberry Chart Book is now available in both print and online.  Hard copies of the book can be picked up at the Cranberry Station or viewed online under the Publications heading.

Pesticide Education Workshops
scouting pests

UMass Extension Pesticide Education Program has announced 18 pesticide recertification training workshops for dates in March and April across the state.  Follow this link for a list of dates and locations.  If you have any questions, please call the Pesticide Education office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (M-F) at  (413) 545-1044.