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Outreach efforts from the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment and its outreach related units, UMass Extension and the Water Resources Research Center, take many forms. They do, however, have a common goal, which is to educate and inform individuals, communities and businesses on topics of interest and concern, utilizing the academic resources of UMass Amherst and other sources. The forms may range from an indepth series of workshops over many weeks, to a single twilight meeting on a Massachusetts farm, to a few pages of results from a soil test. Our intention is to fill unmet educational needs of recognized public priority in the linked set of interest areas we address.

Extension Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture

UMass Amherst, UMass Extension and the Mass. Agricultural Experiment Station have been traditional places for farmers and green industry professionals in Massachusetts to find answers, assistance and information on new research and discoveries. As home to Extension and the Experiment Station, the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment provides a central portal to resources and services that you might find helpful as well as a way to get a sense of the research and educational outreach work being pursued by UMass Amherst faculty and staff associated with the Center and by our many collaborating and partner organizations. Quick Guide to Extension Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture Resources

Environmental and Water Conservation

The Center's outreach work in the areas of environment, conservation, water, forest stewardship and energy (along with research efforts) are shown here. Further information can be found through the lists of research, outreach, and integrated projects on this site.

4-H Youth Development

The Extension 4-H Youth Development Program is open to all young people ages 5 through 18 throughout the Commonwealth. It is part of a nationwide system connected to each land-grant institution of higher education and as such, has access to a wealth of resources and curriculum. In Massachusetts, 4-H is based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has offices in seven regions of the state. Learn more…

Extension Nutrition Education Program

This program provides individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and skills to manage their food resources effectively, enjoy healthy foods, and engage in physical activity to promote longer and more fulfilling lives. Healthy lifestyles help children grow to their potential, reduce risks of obesity, chronic disease, foodborne illness, and build vital, productive communities. Learn more…