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UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program

The UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program (NEP) provides individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and skills for healthier eating through research-based nutrition education that makes a real difference.  With field offices throughout Massachusetts, and in partnership with local agencies, organizations, and schools, NEP helps low-income individuals and families make the most of their limited food resources.  Our program evaluations show that through NEP's hands-on learning, practical tips, personal goal-setting, and small changes over time, our participants make healthier food choices, handle foods more safely, and are physically more active - all of which lead to better health.

Helping Massachusetts Families Grow Healthier

NEP In Your Community
Nutrition Education Program In Your Community

Seven offices… more than 50 communities and more than

100 collaborating agencies … across Massachusetts, NEP brings the messages of healthy food choices, physical activity, food safety, and stretching food dollars, to promote families and communities Growing Healthy Together. Learn more about where we are in your community.

Being active for fun, fitness, and peace of mind
Being active

Being physically active does more than just get you in shape. It can also relieve stress, reduce depression, help you sleep better, boost your energy, all for free! Take some time each day and move around to get your heart beating faster.

Produce Spotlight: Green Beans
Green Beans

Pick of the crop:

Choose smooth, slender beans that are bright green and crisp. Fresh green beans will keep from 3 to 5 days in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. When you are ready to use them, wash them in cold water and remove the stems.

Recipes: Visit Massachusetts Locally grown featuring recipes for fruits and vegetables grown in Massachusetts and found at most local farmers’ markets.