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UMass Extension Turf Program

The UMass Extension Turf Program is a research-based team of faculty and professional, technical, and support staff. As part of UMass Extension within the UMass Center for Agriculture, Food & the Environment, we strive to address the highest priority needs of turf-related industries as well as the citizens of the Commonwealth. Our mission is to develop, research, gather, and share knowledge on safe, efficient, economically viable and environmentally sound turf management with emphasis on natural resource protection.

UMass Research Featured in SportsTurf Magazine

Lines are laid out on a natural grass tennis court. The June issue of SportsTurf magazine includes an article entitled "University Turf Researchers are Working for You", in which athletic field research from several University turf programs is summarized.  Featured is a profile of extensive natural grass tennis court research that is ongoing at UMass, the results of which have implications for a variety of heavily trafficked-turf surfaces.

  University Turf Researchers are Working for You (SportsTurf Magazine, June 2018)