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UMass Extension Landscape, Nursery & Urban Forestry Program

The UMass Extension Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program helps to educate landscape, nursery and turf professionals by providing programs and research-based information on the best horticultural practices and technology for environmental stewardship in nursery and landscape management.

Invasive Insect Certification Program
Spotted lanternfly 4th instar nymph. Image courtesy of Gregory Hoover.

UMass Extension's 3-day program on Oct. 17, 31 and Nov. 14 looks at the characteristics of invasive insects, the impacts and costs they have regionally and nationwide, and highlights the biology, ecology, and identification of some of the most destructive insects. Participants may receive a certificate in INVASIVE INSECT MANAGEMENT upon the successful completion of all three sections. Participants not interested in a certificate may also attend. For more details on each session, go

Dieback of Eastern White Pine: Pathogens, Pests and a Changing Climate
Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)

Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is one of the most economically valuable and ecologically important forest trees in the northeast. It is also an abundant landscape tree. In recent years, white pines in the region have exhibited symptoms of decline, which include: yellowing/browning needles, premature needle shedding, thinning canopies, undersized shoots and needles, resinosis, branch dieback and death.  Read more about eastern white pine health issues at