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UMass Extension Fruit Program

The UMass Extension Fruit Program's mission is to assist fruit growers with all aspects of horticultural and pest management. It is part of the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment within the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Massachusetts.

What was your UMass Extension Fruit Team up to last year? (FY 2017, which runs 1-October, 2016 to 30-September, 2017)
Lady beetle on apple leaf petiole
Spotted Wing Drosophila Spray Tables for 2018
SWD on Cherries in 2017

Fruit Growers should be scouting for Spotted Wing Drosophila in their fields and orchards now. 

See below for labled spray materials for 2018 (courtesy of Mary Concklin, UConn Extension)

2018 SWD Insecticide recommendations for STONE FRUIT - UConn

2018 SWD Insecticide recommendations for SMALL FRUIT - UConn

Brown rot in tart cherry...

Danube cherry shoot afflicted with brown rot, 12-June, 2018. Photo by J. Clements, UMass. A particularly nasty case of brown rot has afflicted shoots of Danube and Balaton tart cherry at the UMass Orchard in Belchertown. It was confirmed as brown rot by Dan Cooley's lab, there was the thought it might bacterial canker, but that has been ruled out. Many shoots are afflicted and will have to be pruned out. Interestingly, we wonder if it is a case of European brown rot, which appears to be quite more virulent than the garden variety American brown rot. This outbreak emphasized the importance of timely bloom fungicide sprays, as this is when the brown rot infection got started. Fruits will have to be protected with fungicides when ripening too. For more information on European vs. American brown rot, see this article in Good Fruit Grower. And for timely fungicide application choices, see see the Cherries Spray Table in New England Tree Fruit Management Guide.